Our Fleet

Nissan Nv200 Evalia

  • 7 to 9 Passengers
  • Electric vehicule

Renault Zoe

  • 4 Passengers
  • Electric vehicule

Mercedes Vito

  • 9 Passengers

Peugeot Expert Combi

  • 9 Passengers

Your Commute


‘ … fits very well within Bouygues’ overall commitment to Societal and Environmental Responsibility (‘Plan RSE’ in French).’
                                                                                                        Eric Charles – HR Director – Bouygues Immobilier
‘ … potentially a very structuring missing link within the existing metro area commute solutions.’
                                                                                                             Olivier Binet – Co-Founder – Karos
‘ … project seems to avoid the pitfalls … which I have had the opportunity to experience …’
                                                                                                          Fabienne Herlaut – formerly Managing Partner – SNCF Mobility Fund

About Us

Our Mission

To convert the stressful driving downtime of the solo-commuter into useful time. How? By switching the solo-commuter into a passenger of a car-pool in a 4 to 9-seat e-vehicle:

  • 3 to 8 former solo-commuters become passengers.
  • Relax, work, rest, sleep: regain useful time.
  • 1 commuter agrees to drive (the commuter-driver) and receives a discounted fare.
  • One-way cost: $4 to $8 (4€ to 8€) based on distance, excluding toll ways.
  • Take care of yourself – take care of your planet.

Our activity


take care of yourself  – take care of your planet

Eric Pierson - Founder

take care of yourself  – take care of your planet

Eric Pierson - Founder

How we work

  • We identify suburb areas and dense employment markets between which there is a significant amount of traffic.
  • We identify suitable parking locations for the e-vehicle at both ends.
  • We target customers, corporations and municipalities at both ends.
  • We seek out parking spaces from corporations and municipalities.
  • We determine favored commutes based on traffic and on commuter/employee feed-back.
  • Customers sign up, commute and relax.

Our Company

We have identified some reasons why open-market ride-pooling / car-pooling for the daily home2work commute has not become the obvious relief to stressful, traffic-jam prone solo-commuting. The main concerns are:

  •  No guaranteed return
  •  The passenger is always in someone else’s vehicle, with associated discomfort
  • The driver does not know what type of passenger and behavior to expect
  • The vehicle is not standardized, neither in comfort nor in tidiness
  • Ride-pooling is most often limited to 2 commuters, limiting cost sharing opportunities

We believe that at a cost close to (with tolls, lower than) the marginal cost of solo-commuting, many will agree to switch one freedom for another:

  • the freedom to leave at any time in one’s own vehicle; for
  • the freedom of additional useful time as a passenger during the commute.

home2work : mass-carpool 2.0 using car-sharing.

Contact Us


Get In Touch

  • You are a commuter? Give us your commute route and we will keep you posted of our progress in your area.
  • You are a company? Let’s meet and discuss using one of your parking spaces for the benefit of several of your employees!
  • You are a municipality? Let’s meet and determine the best locations for parking.
  • You are a store in a residential area with parking? Let’s meet and determine how to convert several parking spaces into e-chargers for the benefit of your customer traffic.

Contact Details

  • Paris, France
  • +33 6 72 33 24 61
  • eric@home2work.eu